Clinique Pep-start Pout Night Mask

Chapped lips. My biggest skin issue all year round. The cold makes them painful and the sun dries them out. I have used every drugstore lip product. No balm or cream makes them any better, in fact I am certain some have made them worse. I am always drawn to the lip product section for something I am yet to discover to jump out at me.

Last Christmas while Christmas shopping with my Mum, we were browsing through the Clinique section of Debenhams when my Mum pointed out the Pep-start Pout Restoring Night Mask. After being convinced it would heal my lips I wanted to try it, my lovely Mum brought it for me for Christmas.


I am dreadful at remembering to apply this at night, I use it during the day mostly as a really good quality lip balm. My lips have been in the best condition in the longest time and I can only thank this product. I can honestly say I have not had sore lips for months and they are not dry. I still get odd days where my lips feel a little dry but that is usually because I have not been applying regularly. With the Beast from the East hitting England hard recently I needed this more than ever!

I love the consistency of the product, It is thick and smooth without being sticky. It it nice to have good control of how much product I use at a time, during the day I use little and apply when needed and use a thicker layer to hydrate throughout the night. It really has worked wonders and I only wish I believed it would at the start since I didn’t take any before or after photos.

Try it for yourself, it is a very worth while investment. At first I thought it was a little pricey for a lip balm (£16.00) however it is miles apart from a standard balm and feels like it actually treats the problem rather than just masking it. I will be re-purchasing this before I run out (which will be a while yet, as it lasts for ages!)

I was not able to wear any of my lipsticks while my lips were chapped as it made the issue worse and looked awful. I am so happy to finally be able to wear lipsticks again!

See my post on Gosh Lipsticks for more products that do not dry out your lips.

Have you tried this Pout Night Mask before? What did you think?

Sophia x

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1 thought on “Clinique Pep-start Pout Night Mask

  1. yup i have tried this and love it !!!!


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