LUSH Sherbet dip bath bomb


My name is Sophia, and I am a LUSH addict!

It took me years to try anything from LUSH and when I was younger there was a store in my town that I never went to. I found the smell too overwhelming just from the outside. It eventually closed and I didn’t miss it at all.

Fast forward to two years ago and the youtube hype pulled me in. Everyone in the beauty world was buzzing about LUSH bath bombs and I now HAD to try one. I got my first gift set for Christmas (Snow Fairy) and fell in love. Now I would do anything to have LUSH back in a store near me, gutted is an understatement!

I have a huge collection of LUSH products to review (watch this space)… but for now, lets talk about the LUSH sherbet dip bath bomb.

Shaped like the much loved sherbet lemon sweet, this cute bath bomb is the perfect addition to my collection. It releases a fresh citrus fragrance, yet you can almost smell the sherbet centre as if you were eating it! As a big sweet tooth it is exactly how the sweet smells… YUM!


My bath water started off a beautiful pastel light yellow at first while fizzing around the tub, It releases bursts of the beautiful citrus scent around the room as soon as it touches the water. Hidden in the centre of the bath bomb is a vibrant green colour which begins to turn some of the water lime. It leaves a pretty yet understated yellow and green tie dye effect which goes perfectly hand in hand with the scent.

It didn’t take long to completely dissolve, which I actually prefer, yet given the size of it I was a little surprised. Not a speck of colour was left in the bath when the water was let out, mostly due to the subtle colouring. I find with some bath bombs from LUSH you have to really scrub the tub after and it always puts me off re-purchasing even if I initially enjoyed it.


This wasn’t a bath bomb with a show (glitter and bath art colours) or added moisturising qualities (that I noticed). However, this bath bomb is the perfect pick me up if you are feeling tired, as the citrus is refreshing and mood boosting. Something I need a lot during winter!

Overall I give this bath bomb a 6/10, It was underwhelming as a LUSH lover but still a nice bath bomb none the less.

Have you tried LUSH bath bombs? What is your favourite?





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3 thoughts on “LUSH Sherbet dip bath bomb

  1. It always feels like you are treating yourself when you have a Lush bath 🛀

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    1. It really does! What’s your favourite? ❤


      1. Difficult to pick one – usually pick a bright colour!!!

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