Garnier Micellar water, Masks and Scrub


I don’t get a lot of time to pamper my self these days. So when I do I need it it be easy, mess free and quick!

I recently shared a review regarding the NIP + FAB make up remover pads. Due to my eyes stinging, I unfortunately had to swap it out of my routine. The Garnier Micellar water has been raved about for some time now, I thought I would try it out. I use the large oval cotton pads when using this product, I usually get through two pads a time. I like the way it removes my eye make up but I am not blown away by it. My skin still feels like there is make up left behind, despite going over my face and neck twice thoroughly. I will continue to use this until it runs out but I feel like it is too early to say if I will be re purchasing. If anything I guess it removes my make up enough, that I can then use less of my more expensive facial washes. The big bonus is that it doesn’t sting my eyes at all!


The Garnier sheet masks are something I am constantly re stocking and love! I have tried a couple different ones, yet a firm favourite for me is the Super-hydrating Revitalising mask for Dehydrated skin. This winter my skin has felt much drier, however this mask has made my skin feel soft and plumper. It really brightens my skin and I will use at night so I can leave the excess serum on my skin as I sleep. I also scoop the remaining product out of the packet and apply to my body (focusing on my neck and décolletage area)


Since I have been getting poor quality sleep recently,  combined with running around after my toddler all day, I have been looking pretty tired! I noticed the Fatigued Skin mask during a recent shop and it had my name written all over it! I did like it but I didn’t notice a difference between that and my usual one, other than I actually prefer the scent of the Revitalising mask. If you prefer a mild lavender scent then this one is for you. My favourite thing about sheet mask is that you don’t have to rinse it off, meaning you can fully relax for bed and just pop the sheet in the bin when you are done.


I have tried and tested many sheet masks but this remains my favourite!


The Garnier Skin active facial scrub is a staple item I have repurchased for years. My skin changes all throughout the year, from oily to normal, combination and dry.

The beads are very fine and gentle enough to use daily, it removes make up brilliantly and leaves my face feeling very clean but not tight and dry. This is a good starter item for those new to skin care routines or a welcomed addition to any skin care lover.

You can find these items here:

Micellar water

Garnier Sheet masks

Garnier Scrub

What skin care would you suggest I try next?  Have you tried any of these products, if so, what are your thoughts?

Sophia x

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4 thoughts on “Garnier Micellar water, Masks and Scrub

  1. I love the Garnier sheet masks! I really love the blue one and the pink ones. Xx

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