NIP + FAB Kale Fix Range


Some of my favourite skincare products from the last year have been the NIP + FAB Glycolic range. So while stocking up again, I decided to try the Kale range for days when my skin is feeling dry in this winter weather.


The Kale Fix make up removing pads have been a love / hate for me. It definitely removes my make up very quick, however I tend to end up using about 3 pads each time, which it not ideal given how much they cost. Another down side is that they really sting my eyes when removing eye makeup. The fragrance is pleasant and the pad it’s self is very soft on my skin. Given the stinging I have sadly had to look for alternatives yet still find myself reaching for this product while I still have it. I am very conflicted since it is one of the best make up removers I have tried.


I have enjoyed using the Kale Fix mask, it remains a creamy consistency when applied and doesn’t leave the tight feeling you can sometimes get with clay masks. The scent is the same for all of the Kale Fix range, very fresh and clean. I wash off with warm water, pat dry and it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and soft. I can’t say it will replace my sheet masks but it is a lovely addition to my collection. If I do reach for a clay mask I always prefer purchasing the tubes rather than the sachets as I end up wasting so much product that wasn’t needed. This way I can target specific areas and use as little or as much as I need and the product remains fresh in the tube.


Moving on to the Kale Fix Protecting Shot. This guy is my favourite in the collection. It makes my skin feel soft and hydrated, I tend to use this as a full shot direct to my skin but alternatively you can mix a two to three drops in to your moisturiser. I feel if I was to use this more often I would use much more sparingly given the price, but I don’t mind using more product as a treat to my skin now and then.


The Kale Fix Moisturiser is a thick consistancy and can feel a little greasy when first applied. It does however melt beautifully into the skin after a short while. I prefer to use this in the evening before bed, my skin thanks me in the morning and looks significantly brighter and softer to the touch. I haven’t liked how my make up has applied after using in the mornings, therefore I stick to an alternative light moisturiser and primer.

Overall the NIP + FAB range have impressed me again. I have said it before about their products, but these really does feel high end quality and are definitely worth the price.

You can find the NIP + FAB Kale range here: (Currently on sale!!)

NIP + FAB Kale Fix

Have you tried this range? Do you have any recommendations for make up removers?

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4 thoughts on “NIP + FAB Kale Fix Range

  1. They are really good.
    Thanks for sharing. ❤❤

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    1. Thank you, yes I have loved the results! Definitely worth a try x


  2. I’ve tried the moisturiser, it’s really nice and fresh but breaks my out terribly 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh that’s a shame, Unfortunately all skin types react differently! Thank you for reading 😘 x

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