NIP + FAB Glycolic Range

With Kylie Jenner a NIP + FAB ambassador, I became interested last year to try more of the NIP + FAB range. I figured if Kylie uses the range and she has millions of pounds (dollars) to buy the best skin care out there, then it was worth me trying it too.


I have been using the NIP + FAB Glycolic products for the last year in an attempt to rejuvinate my skin. I have incorporated them in my evening skin care routine as and when needed and have seen an overall improvement in my skin.

My skin feels beautifully soft immediately after using the Glycolic acid Scrub to exfoliate. It became my new favourite facial scrub after my first use and still is a year on. It makes my skin feels soft and clean, without that tight and dry feeling previous exfoliators have given me. The scent of these products are fresh but nothing too perfumed. I use warm water to apply this as the grains can feel a little harsh to the skin without. I use gentle circular movements when applying to the skin and wash off with warm water.


In my personal experience I didn’t feel tingling or get irritation when using any of these products, however my skin is not very sensitive. I recommend doing a skin test before applying to a large area.

I follow up with the Glycolic Fix radiant shot. I go between adding 2 drops to my night moisturiser as instructed, or when I feel I need a more intense treatment for my skin I will use a full shot of the serum and apply directly to my face and neck. The consistancy is thin and silky, pearlescent in colour and quickly absorbed.


My final step is using the Glycolic fix serum which improves skin texture and reduces the appearence of pores. The serum is a thick gel consistency and is nicely absorbed by the skin. My skin feels really hydrated after this is applied.


I can always tell the difference in my skin after using this range, when I wake up my skin feels fresh, smooth and luminous . My make up applies beautifully the morning after and I am completely in love with this range.

You get a good quantaty of product for your money, since you only need to use a tiny amount of each for great results. The brand feels high end without the price tag!

Sofia Richie was recently named the new ambassador for NIP + FAB and again it sparked my interest to try some new products. I have been trying the Kale Fix range too,  keep an eye out for my next review.

Have you tried any of the NIP + FAB skin care products? What do you recommend?

Find the products here: (Some are currently on sale)

NIP + FAB Glycolic Fix Scrub

NIP + FAB Glycolic Fix Serum

NIP + FAB Glycolic Fix Radiance Shot


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