Co-sleeping and bed sharing

My son sleeps in bed with me and I love it. Having those precious cuddles in the night are something I will always cherish. He is growing up far to quickly for my liking and it feels like time stands still during the night.

We had a Moses basket to start with and he slept in it a handful of times but every two to three hours he would wake up. While co-sleeping he sleeps 12 hours straight easy. Decision made.


We have already had the ‘making a rod for your own back’ comment thrown around. Well I love it personally, it may not be for everyone but we are all happy this way. If your baby sleeps happily in a Moses basket or Cot all night then that is great and completely your choice too. I think people struggle to accept everyone parents differently, it is in no was a critisim to you if you do something a new way. Parenting is hard enough as it is, and as the saying goes, there really is no rule book when it comes to parenting.


Some of my fondest memories are when Archie used to fall asleep holding my face. He would turn into me and snuggle for comfort and go back to sleep. I always feel like I would have missed out on those little things. Archie would really cry in his Moses basket and it broke my heart. Even as he grew older I couldn’t bare him crying so I would cuddle to sleep each night. Crying it out was a big no for us and I personally won’t do controlled crying either. Yes I have found some days harder as I meet all of my sons needs immediately, yet I wouldn’t do it any other way.


If you are planning on bed sharing just be sure to do it safely. (I am not actually asleep in the featured photo)
Absolutely no alcohol in your system, do not bed share when exhausted, No blankets, pillows and duvets. In colder months you can keep baby warm in a Grobag found here:

Of course there are many other safety things to consider before bed sharing (talk to your health visitor or midwife or find support groups online)
Remember its your baby, your choice.


My Son will be two in March and he is very independent and will do all nap times in his cot. You can not spoil your baby with love.

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8 thoughts on “Co-sleeping and bed sharing

  1. Enjoy your time together – my three children are 28, 26 and 24 and I would love to go back to when they were babies. Precious times ❤️

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    1. The same advice as my mum and I certainly do try and take in every moment! It’s amazing watching him grow, but too fast! X

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  2. Bed-sharing is amazing, I am always happy to see other mum’s sharing their experiences on the topic, because the fear-factor is one of the reasons parents decide against bed-sharing. For me it was always natural way to bond and get better sleep. Ps: your baby is gorgeous.

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    1. Thank you! He is almost 2 now as we still bed share. He will also snooze away in his cot for nap time. It’s important to share positive stories as it gets far too much negativity. Thank you for reading ❤

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      1. We have a tradition to snuggle in my bed and read stories before sleep. I think they will be very sweet memories for my boys, it’s amazing how our loving hugs can mean the world to little kiddies, wait until they are 15 though! hahaha.

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  3. I love bed-sharing with my little one & I’m so glad dad dosen’t mind too 🙂 Soaking up all the cuddles while we can!

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    1. It’s my favourite time of the day! Relaxing cuddles after a busy day running around together 🙂


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