Mum’s the word



IMG_1194I became a mum almost two years ago to my little boy Archie and I know its a cliche but time really does fly by.

Being 24 it can be hard to still feel young, fun, and sexy, It’s something I am now actively working on. So much changes when you become a parent and I did let myself go a bit. I glimpsed what I was wearing the other day (comfy mum clothes), so I donated a huge sack of clothes to make sure I am no longer tempted to reach for those again!

Thankfully my interest in beauty, hair and skin care has only grown so I manage to pass as ‘put together’… even in my ugly clothes.

I have definitely gained a new perspective on beauty and my body since pregnancy and giving birth. Oh the joys! I am aiming to lose the last of my baby weight this year… yes almost TWO YEARS later! It’s not easy and I have been easy on myself previously as I had a little baby to look after. That baby is not so little anymore so now is the start of my journey to get fitter and look after myself too.

It is easy to lose who you are some days when you are at home being mum, but it’s so important to make time for yourself too. Becoming a Mum is the most incredible experience I will ever have. It is truly magical watching your little baby grow and develop a brilliant personality. Words can never describe the love for my Son, I wonder if I will ever stop looking at him and being overwhelmed with the fact I made him.

What do you do for your ‘me time’?


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